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Why I Choose $100 As My Price

I know there is a school of thought that says "Charge what you're worth!" and "Don't you believe you're worth more than that?" 


That's not my approach.

The price of my massage sessions is not based on how I perceive my worth in our capitalist paradigm.  I want to charge what the people who need it can afford, and give away sessions to people I see who need it but can't afford it. 


That feels so right to me, in my very bones.  This has nothing to do with how I value myself or my time or my experience, or how I craft that into what I offer to my clients.  It has everything to do with wanting the people who deeply need this work to have access to it as often as possible.

For some people, $100 is not a lot of money.
And for some people it is.

I want people to be able to come for a session as often as possible.  These are complicated times, and we need to resource ourselves as best we can, as often as we can.

If $100 is not a lot of money for you, wonderful! - leave me a tip!
That's a great way for the price to feel right for both of us. 

(fyi - I love receiving tips, and am so open to the various forms they can take.  I've received jars of honey, cartons of eggs, jars of jam, bars of delicious chocolate, a bottle of lavender oil. it doesn't have to be money)

The world needs us all to be able to be fully alive, well-regulated people to face what's going on right now.

I believe one of the ways we become that kind of person is by taking sweet care of our body, mind, and spirit.  I wish that we could just have massage as part of our everyday culture, but that isn't the culture we live in. 

So come get a massage.

Image by Clay Banks
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