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Bhakti Dance

A blissful path to oneness with all.
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Bhakti Dance

Bhakti is a sanskrit word which means participation in, and fondness for,

love and devotion.

This dance is a  path of spiritual devotion,  to unfold your egoic self  into loving union with the Divine.

We dance to dissolve the illusions that cloud our awareness of the divinity of all.

We use embodiment, kriyas, free-flow movement, chanting, and savasana to move ourselves from our egoic belief in our separate nature, into conscious awareness of the unity of all beings, elements, and atoms.

All is one.


"From the world of the senses, Arjuna, comes heat and comes cold,

and pleasure and pain. 

They come and they go:

they are transient.

Arise above them,  strong soul."

-Bhagavad Gita

The kriyas of Bhakti Dance are simple movements of body and breath, the action of which serves to burn through ego mind and ego effort.

Embodiment practice will bring us into awareness of the sensations in our bodies, and the dance lifts us above our attachment to their pleasure and pain, into unity consciousness with the Divine. 

All is love.

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A path of devotional participation,

Bhakti Dance brings to our awareness how we muscle our way through life, rather than softening into the full support of the divinity of the universe.

"The bhakti yogi performs a dissection of pure love from all that contains a contamination of selfishness."

-Prem Prakash

The egoic "I" is held in its rightful place, as a part of our being concerned with survival, rather than as the only source of information about the world.

The kriyas bring us into an 

embodied experience of the pulsation of our own being, in harmony with the pulsation of the Divinity in the universe.

This class is on hold until the new year. 

Let me know if you'd like to be on the email list for notifications.

Bhakti Dance

This channel is coming soon!
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