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Embodied Being is the sponsor of the Love, Mom Letter Project.

A project that aims to create a pool of collective healing, 

one heart at a time.

What have you always longed to hear from your mother?

Are there words of acceptance, apology,

congratulations, or love that she has never

been able to say, but that you deeply long to hear? 

She might never be able to say them,

but you deserve to hear them.

Write the words.

Write yourself the letter you most deeply

long to hear from your mother.

Send it to me.

I'll read it, record it, and send it to you.

You will receive the letter from your mother

that you've waited for, 

in just the words you need to hear.

Or maybe you are the mom.

The one with words unsaid that 

you've wanted to say, but just can't.

What is it that you long to tell your child?

Write that letter.

Send it to me, and I'll record it and post it here.

You will have sent the words out.

There is healing to be had for us all.

The letter you need to hear from your mother 

could reach the heart of someone else,

and give balm they never knew they needed.

Let's collectively heal ourselves and each other.

Letter by letter.

Go to the project website to

view the Love, Mom Letters.

Have questions or want to chat about the project?

Send a letter to the Love, Mom Project

Thank you for being part of this project!

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