soften into your deepest state of relaxation

My philosophy

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My massage practice is based on loving kindness for all aspects of your being, through a synthesis of Embodiment Practice, Swedish Massage, and Alexander Technique.   

I want my clients to experience the deep relaxation that comes with being held in a space focused on nurturing the body and calming the nervous system.  Facilitating the body's own ability to release and realign is my highest intention.

What's a session like?

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I use a variety of pressures and techniques to help your body soften and release, from effleurage to determined pressure in areas of challenge.

If you're just looking for a massage that is sustained deep pressure, I'm not your gal. 


If you're looking for a massage that is sensitive to what each part of your body needs on any given day, we'll resonate.  I massage with intention and care, listening to the movement of energy and muscle, fascia and breath. 


Booking a Session


Use my online booking form to see what open times are available.

Note that I have 2 locations to choose from.

The Courtenay location has evening times available, while day times are available in Cumberland.

If the online booking form doesn't work for you, just use the contact form on this site and let me know.

How To Cancel an Appt


Contact me to cancel an appointment.

You are required to cancel your appointment if you have had any Covid19 symptoms in the 14day period prior to your appointment.  There is no penalty for this cancellation, and you are welcome to cancel up until moments before you are scheduled to arrive.

If you are not canceling due to illness, please do give at least 24 hours notic.e

Giving the Gift of Massage


Sometimes people need to feel the love!

You can gift them with a gift certificate that never expires, and which will help them feel whole and centred again.