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Courtenay & Cumberland Locations

​Coming From Courtenay/Comox

  1. Come out on the Cumberland Connector and follow it into Cumberland until you reach the stop sign at the intersection of Dunsmuir and 4th.

  2. Cross Dunsmuir and the next street is Derwent Ave. Turn Right.

  3. Go through two stop signs.  The road will fork, you will follow to the left down a little hill. There will be a small park on your right.  We are on the left, between two larger houses.  You will see the yellow studio in the driveway.  There is a sign on a post which says Embodied Being.

Coming From Royston

  1. Follow Royston Rd to the corner of Dunsmuir Ave and 2nd St.  Turn left. 

  2. Turn right on Derwent Ave and follow it down to the left.  We are on the left-hand side of the street, between two larger houses.  You will see the yellow studio in the driveway, and a sign that says Embodied Being on a post at the front. 

2671 Derwent Ave


The downtown office is located in the block of 4th Street, directly to the left of Michael's Off Main.

The front of the office is just a glass window,

with a glass door. 

People comment that it doesn't look open,

but that's the place!

To enter:

Press the Call Button,

then dial 08.

There will be a beeping sound and

I will buzz you in.

Parking can be hard to find downtown, so remember that there is residential parking

on 2nd and 3rd Streets.

There will be construction on both bridges

this summer,

so make sure you give yourself plenty of time if your route involves on of the bridges.

367 4thSt