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about my style

currently accepting new female and non-binary clients only


Sometimes determined pressure is

what the body needs.  

Those shoulders, glutes, quads...

they didn't get that way overnight, and it might take some focused pressure to help them remember how to release.

My practice is not sustained deep pressure.

I am, however, committed to helping your body break through the tension

it's been holding, working to release

those knots and tangled spots

back into ease.

Let's do it intelligently, with focus and intention, and working together to get it just right.  I call that co-creating the conditions for your body's release.


It can be counterculture to believe that more can be accomplished through softness than through striving.

I know, I know - we need the striving.

I just think we can lose sight of how very much we also need the softness.

If you have fibromyalgia, MS, migraines, muscles so sore they are tender to the touch, then softness needs to be our intention in your massage.

I often have clients who are surprised by how much a light touch at their jaw, back of the neck, or around their ears, can accomplish in terms of relaxing the whole body.  We are creatures who need a wide variety of touches and movements.  

Including the light touch with intention.


Sometimes your body needs to be reminded that it is mostly water, mostly fluids that roll around and flow through and into and over and under tissues and muscles and bones.

It's like having been in the concrete of the city for too long, and then

going out to the beach or the forest and seeing the fluid nature of the waves or the wind in the trees.

Let's give your body a chance to feel flow again, and the movement of fluid from top to bottom of your body. To help with this, I'll sometimes rock your body gently.  A little pulse at the neck that travels down the spine, through the hips, all the way to the feet.  Your body will love it.

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