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Joyful Fitness


Every Body

You dance to reconnect,

to come home to yourself, 

to let it all go

and shake it all off.

Nia gives you that.

It's come-as-you-are,

show up with what you've got,

and go back out into

your world

feeling lighter, expanded,

and joyfully centered.

It's fitness, yes,

for every part of your being.

My classes are body positive.


That means we don't 


we don't talk about diets

and beach bodies.

We shake off all the ways we are told we need to change ourselves to fit an ideal that's made up by someone

outside our own sweet self.

Your body is innocent.

Your true nature is love.

Dancing that is a high

that lasts for days.

You know how you hear a song come on, and you can't help but start to move, to connect with the beat?

And if you're at home, 

you just start dancing

like no-one's watching?

Nia invites you to do that every week.

A community of people who show up to connect with themselves,

with their joy, with their their love of life.


Every Nia teacher has their own style and focus, influenced by their own interests and passions.  My Nia classes are all about building a trusting relationship with your body, deepening your connection with your soul, and expressing whatever you're feeling that day.  I want you to leave feeling grounded and uplifted, and ready to spread your joy in your day.

About My Nia 

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This is fitness that respects who you are, where you've come from, and where you want to go.  This is where you come to dance your heart wide, and no one's watching. This is where you love up every sweet part of yourself, body and soul, in a room full of people who are doing the same.  Welcome yourself into your most spacious existence.

Nia is for Every Body


Nia stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, and has a 35 year history of development of the science, art and craft of the Technique.  Nia is in constant development, with 9 levels of training for instructors, and NiaTV for doing Nia wherever you are in the world (with wifi!)  It  is fusion fitness for body/mind health, offering a high-powered, synergistic workout.

The Nia Technique


Martial Arts

Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido


Dance Arts

Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Jazz


Healing Arts

Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique

 Nia's 9 Movmnt Forms

  The first two videos below are of my classes, in Comox, and in Courtenay.  The following videos are other Nia teachers, and give an idea of the variety of music, moves, and teaching styles available to you in Nia.