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While I no longer offer weekly Nia classes,
the videos below are fun to dance with!
more videos on my youtube channel

Cardio Dance Flow

Cardio Dance Flow

Cardio Dance Flow
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Dance To Feel Better #2

Dance To Feel Better #2

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Courtenay Recreation - NIA class with Ann Marie

Courtenay Recreation - NIA class with Ann Marie

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Dance To Feel Better #4

Dance To Feel Better #4

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You dance to reconnect,

to come home to yourself, 

to let it all go

and shake it all off.

Nia gives you that.

It's come-as-you-are,

show up with what you've got,

and go back out into

your world

feeling lighter, expanded,

and joyfully centered.

It's fitness, yes,

for every part of your being.


My classes are body positive.


That means we don't 


we don't talk about diets

and beach bodies.

We shake off all the ways we are told we need to change ourselves to fit an ideal that's made up by someone

outside our own sweet self.

Your body is innocent.

Your true nature is love.

Dancing that is a high

that lasts for days.


You know how you hear a song come on, and you can't help but start to move, to connect with the beat?

And if you're at home, 

you just start dancing

like no-one's watching?

Nia invites you to do that every week.

A community of people who show up to connect with themselves,

with their joy, with their their love of life.

My classes might be for you if:

  • you want to feel joyful and light in your body (even if you also might be feeling tired or out of shape)

  • you love music from all around the world and find your toes tapping when you hear a rhythm you resonate with

  • you love playing with body, mind, spirit, and emotions all together

  • you want to keep feeling free and expansive as you age and as you face different challenges in your life

  • exercise is important, but it has to be more than mechanical movements of the body - you want to feel alive and engaged as you move and breathe, stretch and sweat

Is Nia for you?

Screenshot_2019-08-19-09-33-52 (1).png

This is fitness that respects who you are, where you've come from, and

where you want to go. 

This is where you come to dance your heart wide, and no one's watching.

This is where you love up every sweet part of yourself, body and soul, in a room full of people who are doing the same. 

Welcome yourself into your most spacious existence.

About me as a teacher


I have taught some form of Expressive Dance for the past 20 years. Most recently I have been teaching Nia Technique classes in the Comox Valley for 14 years.  Cardio Dance Flow is a natural evolution and synthesis of the Movement Forms I study, bringing an ever-changing and ever-fresh dance cardio experience.  

Nia Moves All of You

chakra dancer bhatki.jpg

We are interwoven threads of

body, mind, spirit, and emotion.

Cardio Dance Flow moves all of you,

on all those levels,

so that you are as embodied as possible.

Aligning the joy of spirit

with the joy of body,

while working the mind

and letting emotions flow ~

bringing you into balance.

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