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Now I will live the life I have

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A woman holds autumn leaves in her hands, and is wearing a big knit comfy scarf.

Now I will live the life I have.

When I read this line in a random book at a thrift store, I was on retreat on Bowen Island.

I immediately felt a deep physical release throughout my torso, down into my organs and legs. Ohhhhh, this life. The life I have right now.

Not the life I keep working towards, and striving for, in which I imagine I am a better version of myself?

Not the life I sometimes flinch to remember from the past?

But just this life, the one RIGHT NOW.

Well, that's a load off, isn't it? Permission granted to simply exist for this moment, and live this life. Sitting here, tea mug to the left, keyboard under fingers, at the window where the fall leaves are showing colours I wait all year to see.

This simple, and this profound.

This simple, and this wise.

Just this.

Just this life you have now.

What is it? What is to your left, to your right?

What is under your feet, and above your head?

What is the life inside your body?

Live the life you have now.

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