Hi, I'm Ann Marie,
and I'm all about connection.
When we are connected in
 our own body, mind and soul,
we live our most authentic lives, richly connected with others.

As humans, we are wired for connection.

Science gives us a long list of the benefits we receive from connection.

But really, you already know the most important one - 

how good it feels.

I'd love to help you connect more with your world.

Body positive fitness that moves everything you've got, 

invigorating and enlivening you.

Connect body, mind, and soul while you get a great workout!

The Work of Byron Katie is the most effective personal growth work I have ever found.

It is a mindful way to be with stressful thoughts and emotions, and to begin to let them go.

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Maitri Massage is an embodied practice, bringing loving kindness to the body as it slows down, softens, releases tension, and recentres.


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